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Varena-tpt, your strategic partner in offering innovative products, services and customized solutions for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and nutrition industries.
The Company offers comprehensive solutions in the development, manufacturing and distribution of active ingredients, functional ingredients, specialty/based chemicals and services, delivery systems for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and nutrition industries.
The headquarter was established on 2014 in Tehran . Vatena.tpt represents the leading international producers of specialty chemicals including food and cosmetic raw materials ingredients. We cover a range of market sectors with an exceptional track record of growth. Our team of high caliber technical and commercial specialists will openly advise our customers on function, formulation and application of products. Our endeavors is to seek practical solutions and not just products for our key Small and Medium Enterprise customers . Our regional presence, flexible and tailored supply chain infrastructure with compliance to all local laws and regulations, ensures that Varena.tpt is able to do trading in Iran and deliver a first-class customer service. Being as partner of Bruno Bock, Chemark, Alkindo, Polymers Polyols, Izel Kimya, Varistor AG.
Varena.tpt Iran has the benefit of an international network, generating know-how, providing expertise on products and professional applications whilst sharing best practices with suppliers and customers alike. Our infrastructure and professional team provides a strong foundation to serve multinational companies, supporting local customers through product development and R&D projects.Varena.tpt Iran, with its multicultural team work, is your local reliable partner in sourcing, marketing, sales and distribution disciplines based on Iranian trading regulation. Call us to find out how our expertise brings value to your business